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Bible Lessons
2022-11-20 Joshua.png

(Room 209 & Zoom)


The book of Joshua reads like an exciting novel --

from the miraculous crossing of the Jordan

to the crash of the walls of Jericho

and the sun stopping in the sky.

Through it all, we see God's faithfulness and power

which encourages us to persevere in our own daily battles, arming us with the powerful weapons we need --

God's promises. 

2022-09-18 John.png

(Room 210 & Zoom)


Take a fresh look at who Jesus is

in this study of the Gospel of John.


Establish or renew your faith in the One who offers

true meaning, true belonging and true life

To join the class on Zoom (usual passcode),
click on the image for that study on Sunday at 9:45am.
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