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Bible Lessons
2023-05-28 Proverbs.png

(Room 209 & Zoom)

The book of Proverbs

is the Bible's how-to manual.


The proverbs teach us how to be successful and prosperous in our work, our dealings with family and friends,

and our relationship with God.


The direction and guidance they give us is practical, concrete,

reasonable and fruitful.


By reading Proverbs we discover

the vital importance

of learning to live wisely.

2023-04-16 1 Thessalonians.png
1 Thessalonians

(Room 210 & Zoom)


Do you wonder whether

you will be with Jesus after you die?


When you are suffering,

do you wonder if God has forgotten you?


Would you like to be sure

that your life is pleasing to the Lord?


At times we all feel anxious and insecure about life - and about our faith.

The Thessalonians were asking these questions, and Paul's letter helps them find assurance. 

2023-04-02 Foundations of the Faith.png
Foundations of the Faith

(Room 206)

Explore essential doctrines

and disciplines

of the Christian faith

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