Bible Lessons
2022-05-01 Esther.png


(Room 210 & Zoom)


Who are you when no one's looking?


When her people were threatened,

Esther had to ask herself that question.

Would she step out and risk her own life?

Godly character develops under pressure.


This study helps you discover how to face

the challenges of a culture that has rejected God and take a stand for what is right. 

2022-04-03 Waiting for God.png

Waiting for God

(Room 209 & Zoom)


We spend much of our life waiting. For healing for ourselves or a friend. For a wayward daughter to return to God. For a new job. For marriage and children and grandchildren. Sometimes the waiting can cause us to feel stuck, or forgotten by God. But waiting time is not wasted time.

This study helps you draw near to God in times of uncertainty and postponement. As you are led through significant moments of waiting in Scripture, you will become familiar with the dynamics of such times and learn to hear God's call to rest in his timing.

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