Candidating Weekend and Church Vote

On May 16th, Dr. Javed will be here to give the sermons at 8:30AM and 11AM, as well as being here to meet people in-person with his wife, Sarah, on both May 15th and 16th. 


At 6PM on May 16th, we will have a Business Meeting on Zoom and vote on Dr. Javed for the Senior Pastor position, yes or no, and also the new budget, yes or no.


Voting will be electronic and will close on May18th at 9PM.  Those with no internet access can dial into the Zoom meeting using a phone, and provision will be made to get a paper ballot to them and to return the ballot to the church.


To be eligible to vote YOU MUST be all of the following:

  1. Present at the business meeting.

  2. A member of the church - meaning you went through a membership seminar, signed an application, were interviewed and approved by the Elders, and baptized by immersion.

  3. At least 18 years of age.

Questions or Comments?

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