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Join us on August 7th and 14th from 6-8pm for a pizza and salad dinner and a training seminar on the Discovery Bible Study technique of evangelism and discipleship. Sign up in the narthex this Sunday morning. 

About M:28


Some 20 years ago, God moved in the hearts of a number of church planters to reconsider the process. They went back to the Scriptures and discovered that today’s western church may have made the process complicated and burdened it with some western cultural baggage. As they stripped the process down to just the essentials, churches in their spheres of influence began to multiply rapidly. This movement became known as the organic church movement or CPM (Church Planting Movements). There are two main streams of practice in CPM—one didactic-based and focused on evangelism (with discipleship somewhat secondary) and the other discovery-based and focused on discipleship (with evangelism a regular part). The latter seemed to fit the ISI culture best and M28 adapted from the David Watson teachings and practice. Watson teaches that the Word of God and the Spirit of God are sufficient for anyone to follow Jesus and that anything we give people other than the Word of God (e.g., interpretations, background, theology, definitions, examples, etc.) carries with it cultural baggage which will thwart the natural growth of new churches in their culture.


The foundation is the Discovery Bible Study process. Once a person of peace has been identified we meet with him/her and go over a simple 4-step study once with them. Afterwards, they are encouraged to go do the same thing with their friends, family, and acquaintances and report back to us what happened.


Review -- Who did you share last week’s passage with? Did you do anything different since our last meeting? Have you experienced God since the last time that we met?

Discover -- What are you thankful for this week? What problems do you have this week? Is there any way this group can help you? Discovery Passage: John 3:1-21 What happens in the passage? What does the passage tell us about God? What does the passage tell us about people?

Obey -- If this passage is true how does this passage change how we see God? If this passage is true how does this passage change how we treat others? If this passage is true how does this passage change how we live? What other questions do you have about this passage?

Share -- Do you know anyone you can share this story with? Do you know anyone who needs help? What can this group do to help them?


After 3-4 weeks of meeting, the group is closed and group members are encouraged to meet with any additional people who want to join by forming another group with that person and their friends. Many people are ultimately part of two groups.


When there are one or two students who come to know Christ personally, we begin discipleship with them based on a type of T4T (training for trainers) that we call PTO (Passing Training On from II Tim 2:2). While T4T is part of the other stream of CPM and parts are didactic, we have made the Scripture learning part discovery-based. The discipleship is based equally on sharing results of obedience, learning new truth from the Word, and practicing obedience for the next step. The M28 discipleship PTO is now a 16-lesson curriculum which can be done one-on-one, in small groups, or even over Skype with returnees.

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