Missions Conference 2022

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Tommy & Karen serve as statewide directors

with Cru in New Jersey and oversee staff and students who work on over 25 movements

on college campuses across the state. 

Along with coaching and developing

their staff team, they love

to share their faith with students who don't know Jesus

and disciple Christian students to multiply their faith

with others. 

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Tim & Marcia prepare missionaries

in a one-year intensive training to minister

among the unreached people groups of the world 

by actually having them start a church

among one of New York’s 60 people groups

who have no Gospel witness.


Missions Conference Love Offering

We are blessed to be able to hold our annual Missions Conference.  

A love offering will be taken and shared between the missionaries from these two Sundays.

You may participate in the love offering in any of three ways:


  1. Designate “Missions Conference” on the offering envelope under “Specials.”

  2. Designate “Missions Conference” on your check.

  3. Designate “Missions” in online giving AND send an email to the church office at  office@fbcmonline.org stating your name and the dollar amount for Missions Conference.

We look forward to hearing how God is working and hope you can join us either in-person or on live stream on Sundays at 11am.