In 1900, three men saw a need to reach the children and families of Middlesex County. William Crowell, Rev. Lenn Wheeler of First Baptist Church of New Brunswick, and Deacon Peter Letson of Stelton Baptist Church met together with the intent to organize a Baptist Sunday School in the Metuchen area. At the time, there weren’t enough families and children to start the school. But within two short years the population of Metuchen had grown enough that the Baptist Sunday School was born. 

 The School’s first meeting was held in Arcanum Hall on December 21, 1902. It was the first organized Sunday School class in Middlesex County, and had 21 attendees. As the years went by, attendance drastically increased. On April 25, 1908, the flourishing Sunday School officially organized as First Baptist Church, Metuchen with 21 charter members. After years of meeting in the Burroughs Building in Metuchen, First Baptist completed the construction of its first church building in 1911. 

Our church continued to grow. In fact, membership had increased so dramatically that the church facilities were no longer adequate to support our needs, even with the help of multiple building additions. All available space was taken up, and on some Sundays teachers had to hold their classes in their own cars. In 1960, First Baptist Church purchased a tract of woodland on Middlesex Ave. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in 1965. The following year, the new building was finished. It was dedicated on September 18, 1966. By 1985 we had outgrown our facilities yet again, and a building addition was completed in 1990.

While our church building is most certainly  a great asset, it is not what truly matters. Like those of our early history, our facilities are merely launch platforms for the work of Christ. Much has changed since 1902, but our mission DNA has not: producing a new generation of passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. This is the kind of calling that transcends generations and crosses ethnic boundaries. 

As the demographics of Middlesex County have changed, so have our own. By 2003 our church family was represented by 24 nations, speaking a total of 26 different languages.

Our community is open to all those who want to encounter a loving environment where Jesus Christ is proclaimed. Our strength lies in the diversity of our people and the unity of our passion. We connect in worship, grow in community, and mobilize in the effort to make Jesus Christ known from the edge of our door to the ends of the earth.