Our Vision

We strive to be a Christ-centered diverse community caring for every generation in every situation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference by creating Gospel-centered spaces of connection for worship and growth.

Our Core Values


We value diversity both generationally and culturally. God has placed us in a strategic location where the world has come to us. Within 12 miles of our church live 2 million people from every corner of the world. Our goal is to reach this diverse cultural community and to continue reflecting this diversity in our church body.



In our worship we recognize who God is, who we are before Him, and what is on His heart. Because lives are transformed through the application of God’s Word, we value biblical teaching in our times of worship.



Fulfilling the vision of the founders, we support families through biblically based ministries. We seek to partner with parents in their children’s spiritual upbringing. Our goal is for all children, teens, and adults to grow in their relationship to Christ.


Next Generation

We seek to reach the next generation with the love of Christ and with God’s Word. We want to connect them to the transforming grace of God and a caring Christian community. We strive to help them discover and deploy their gifts, talents, and abilities for Christ’s service.



Christ’s mission is our mission: to reach the world with His Gospel. We respond to His calling by going, praying, and sacrificially supporting Christ’s work locally and worldwide. Increased participation in short-term missions is sharpening our focus on a world that desperately needs Jesus.