Bible Lessons
2022-01-16 Galatians.png

Galatians (Room 210 & Zoom)


The human acceptance we long for

often comes only if we are

attractive, smart, wealthy or powerful.

And God's standards seem even higher.

We think we must

work harder, live better, pray longer

and witness to more people

to get on God's good side.

Paul shows us the true source

of our acceptance-- Jesus Christ. 

2022-01-02 Moses.png

Moses (Room 209 & Zoom)


As the one called by God

to lead his people out of Egypt,

Moses faced some significant challenges:

a stubborn ruler,

a fierce army,

a vast desert to cross,

a people prone to complaint and idolatry.

But through it all,

God was faithful to guide

and provide for Moses

as well as shape his character in powerful ways. 

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